Single Living Cell Analysis Nanoplatform for High-Throughput Interrogation of Gene Mutation and Cellular Behavior

发布日期:2021-04-06 10:09:29   作者 :常凌乾    浏览量 :147
常凌乾 unknown 发布日期:2021-04-06 10:09:29  

The genetic heterogeneities in cancer cells pose challenges to achieving precise drug treatment in a widely applicable manner. Most single-cell gene analysis methods rely on cell lysis for gene extraction and identification, showing limited capacity to provide the correlation of genetic properties and real-time cellular behaviors. Here, we report a single living cell analysis nanoplatform that enables interrogating gene properties and drug resistance in millions of single cells. We designed a Domino-probe to identify intracellular target RNAs while releasing 10-fold amplifed fluorescence signals. An on-chip addressable microwell-nanopore array was developed for enhanced electro-delivery of the Domino-probe and in situ observation of cell behaviors. The proof-of-concept of the system was validated in primary lung cancer cell samples, revealing the positive-correlation of the ratio of EGFR mutant cells with their drug susceptibilities. This platform provides a high-throughput yet precise tool for exploring the relationship between intracellular genes and cell behaviors at the single -cell level. 

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